Lamco Beks Coastal
Services Nigeria Limited



LAMCO BEKS COASTAL SERVICES NIG. LTD details of services are provided below:-


Petroleum Engineering

Operations ( Workover, Through Tubing Stimulation, Wireline, etc.)

Through Tubing Candidate Screening/ Selection/ Planning

Through Tubing Proposal/Programme Preparation

Supply of Petroleum Engineers for TT job Supervision

Post-job Evaluation of :

  • (a) Initial Well Completion
  • (b) Workovers (Repairs and Recompletions)
  • (c) Rigless Well Operations.

Through Tubing (TT) Acid Stimulation, Solvent Treatment,TTIGP,TTSCON,

TT water & Gas Shut-off, Wireline Repair/Recompletion

(Zone Change), Racpack.

Safety Workovers/Well Abandonment: Planning, Design & Execution

Oil Well/Field Surveillance

  • Separator Optimization
  • Bean Performance Optimization
  • Oilfield Emulsion Control/Optimization
  • Well Performance Simulation/Production Optimization/Monitoring
  • Improved Well Surveillance:
  • Development of New Diagnostic Tools/Techniques
  • Well bore Integrity Monitoring (Stress Analysis to predict HUDs)
  • Flow Station Surveillance
  • Formation Damage Assessment, Diagnosis and Remedies:
  • Well Completion Efficiency Evaluation (WIQI calculation, Analysis, Database)
  • PI Decline Analysis
  • Real Time Prediction/Monitoring of Pressure Drawdown, PI and Damage Skin from Production Data and their Application to Well Surveillance & Stimulation Campaigns; Corrosion Monitoring/Evaluation/Control
  • Gas field Surveillance Flowcharts
  • Waxy crude Oilfield Surveillance Flowcharts
  • Waxy Crude (High Pour Point) Oilfield Development

Production Logging

  • Candidate Screening/Selection
  • Job Design/Programming
  • Job Execution
  • Interpretation/Post Evaluation
  • Gas lift Feasibility Study, Design & Optimization
  • Quality Check/Control of BHP surveys & Analysis

Horizontal Wells

  • Planning, Completion Design, Reservoir, Simulation and
  • Production Optimization

Reservoir Engineering

  • Reservoir Characterization
  • Volumetrics, Material Balance Calculations
  • Integrated Reservoir Management
  • Well test Design/Analysis
  • Reservoir Stimulation/Modelling
  • Optimum Reservoir Development Strategies
  • Risk and Uncertainty Analysis
  • Production Forecast
  • PVT Planning/Programming/QC

Drilling/Well Engineering

  • Drilling Optimization
  • Aerated/Foam Drilling
  • Slim Hole/Monobore
  • Horizontal well planning/Drilling
  • Drilling/Completion Fluids Engineering


  • Quality Improvement Studies
  • Productivity Improvement Studies
  • Economics of Marginal Fields Documentation
  • Review of Major Old and Marginal Fields Documentation
  • Dump Flood Feasibility Studies
  • CT Sidetrack
  • Well/Field Reviews
  • Field Development Planning
  • Field Rehabilitation Studies
  • Enhanced Oil Recovery Studies
  • Water/GAs Injection Studies, Planning & Analysis
  • PI Trend Analysis
  • Real Time Predicition of PI, Drawdown and Impairment Skin
  • Predicition of Corrosivity and Scale Forming Tendency in Oil Fields
  • Utilization Studies

Production Utilization Chemistry:

  • New Approaches to Screening, Ranking and Selection of Production Chemicals
  • Optimum Oilfield Demulsification; Evaluation and application of new Technologies

Engineering (Design & Control)

  • Oilfield Pipeline Design & Optimization
  • Facility Design & Process Optimization
  • Corrosion/Scale Control
  • Oilfield Vibration Analysis/Control

Technical Support Services

  • Field Supervision
  • Manpower Supply/Service
  • Consulting & Management
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Specialized vendor representatives

Geology & Geophysics

  • Exploration Planning
  • Exploration Geology (2D/3D Interpretation)
  • Log Interpretation & Core Analysis
  • Reservoir Geology
  • Petroleum Geochemistry
  • Computer Mapping & Volumetrics
  • Appraisal Planning

Interpretation Database Management

  • Geological Database/Drilling Database
  • Reservoir Engineering/Petrophysical Database
  • Production Engineering/Technology Database/Inventories
  • Library Services/Computerized Reference Service.

High Pressure Pumping Services

  • Cementing
  • Stimulation
  • Sand Control
  • Pipeline Pumping
  • Pipeline Pigging
  • Pressure Testing


LAMCO BEKS COASTAL SERVICES NIG. LTD provides maintenance support to onshore and offshore operations and maintenance teams and our services include analysis and design services for facility and structural components, replacements, refurbishments as well as combination for execution.

These include feasibility studies, designing, construction and fabrication, installation, and maintenance works in the following areas:

  1. Welding and fabrication
  2. Corrosion Control
  3. Maintenance works
  4. Fabrication and Installation of Steel Structures and Masts


LAMCO BEKS COASTAL SERVICES NIG. LTD is involved in the following aspects of welding and fabrication activities:

  • Design and erection of Support Structures for process industries
  • Construction and laying of Oil and Gas Pipelines/Flowlines
  • Design and construction of Tanks and Plumbing Systems
  • Construction of Manifolds and Platforms.
  • Fabrication of Production Jackets, etc.


LAMCO BEKS COASTAL SERVICES NIG. LTD is involved in the following aspects of corrosion control activities:

  • Blasting of corroded Structures/facilities
  • Painting of Flow Station Structures and Facilities using
  • Epoxy Paints/other corrosion Control Paints.
  • Design and Installation of Cathodic Protection Devices
  • Pipeline clearing (Pigging).
  • Corrosion monitoring services.


  • Installation of Masts for Data/Telcomms Transmission Systems
  • Construction and Erection of Support Structures Design and Installation of Central A/C systems
  • Design and Construction of Plumbing systems and tanks Engineering Standard Products and Applications. Testing and commissioning.


Maintenance of Pumps, Vessels and tanks Engineering certification of Cranes, Inspection, Preventative and Routine

  • Maintenance/Breakdown Repairs. Provision of Mechanical Resource Personnel for Field Repairs Support. Maintenance of Power Generating Sets. Inspection, Preventative and Routine Maintenance/Breakdown Repairs of
  • Compressors. Testing and Commissioning of Maintained Mechanical Equipment.


LAMCO BEKS COASTAL SERVICES NIG. LTD offers various cleaning processes in the

following areas as may be required by the client for specific problems:

  • Hydrojet Cleaning
    This process also known as Hydroblasting, is a system used in cleaning deposits that are resistant to chemical solvent treatment.
  • Pre-Operational Cleaning
    A design for new plants before commencement of production, and the following processes are employed to achieve a successful cleaning:
  • 1) Alkaline degreasing 11) Normal Citrosolv Process or Citrosolv with Hydrazine 111) Inorganic acid treatment
  • Removal of Copper Deposits
    We have three different treatments through which this type of boiler deposits on any copper alloy can be effectively removed by our chemical formulation.
  • d) Removal of Oxides Of Iron And Copper 
    A consequence of high pressure steam generation can be cured using complexing agents formulation which sequentially dissolve the magnetite, copper and copper oxide. Nickel and Hematite treatment are also available upon request.
  • e) Desanding/Desalter Tank Service 
    Usually applicable to cleaning of Refineries, this is a method we use in the removal of sludge that accumulates in storage tanks.
  • f) Coke Residue Removal 
    This is carried out using our Oil/Acid phase processes.
  • g) Asphalt/Tar & Iron Sulphide Precipitates Removal 
    This is an emulsion system, which utilizes both aromatic solvents dissolution of tarry compounds and iron chelating of the iron sulphide. These problems could be present in the Fractionators, crude and vacuum towers including the Heat Exchanger and cracking units.
  • h) Tank Cleaning 
    We clean tanks used for storage of leaded and unleaded products even at their pre-operational state.
  • I) Pipeline Pigging 
    Pipeline can be treated for paraffin, oil, water hardness deposits, iron oxides and sulphides depending on the purpose for which the pipeline is used. 


Our services in this area cover the following:

  • Land Surveying and Photogeometry,
  • Development of sites, Access Roads and Earth Stabilization,
  • Construction of Residential and Industrial Buildings,
  • Construction of Roads and Highways,
  • Construction of Surface/underground Drainage systems & Manholes,
  • Construction of Curvets and Bridges,
  • Construction of Overhead, Surface and Underground tanks/Water Supply Scheme
  • Land Reclamation and Pile Foundation,
  • Construction of Steel and Concrete Jetties,
  • Buildings Renovation and Refurbishment,
  • Civil and Building Works Implementation,
  • Civil works for under Ground system Cabling,


  • 1. Fabrication & Installation Of piping including Pipeline
  • Construction & laying.
  • 2. Laying of flowline & bulkine (land & swamp).
  • 3. Pipeline leak repairs using clamp and clock spring sleeves.
  • 4. Firewater line construction.
  • 5. Blasting and painting of fabrication skid.


Here, our services include:

  • Interpretation of Electrical Engineering design
  • Installation and Maintenance of Process control & Electrical Equipment, i.e. Generators, Instrument Control Panels, Battery Systems, etc.
  • Cathodic Protection
  • Industrial and Domestic Cabling & Tubing projects,
  • High Tension Power Routes,
  • Rural Electrification projects,
  • Construction of Power Huts and Hook – Ups
  • Installation of Earthing Systems, and
  • Power and Earthing Systems Auditing
  • Inspection, testing and commissioning of electrical & Instrumentation installations.


We undertake the following: Sewage treatment for municipality Package System Treatment for camps, Outstation accommodations, hotel, schools and estimates Landfill engineering for sanitary waste and hazards waste Composting System.


We selected our remediation strategy from amongst the following

Treatment of Contaminated Soil Treatment of Contaminated Groundwater

  • Physical Treatments
    • Aeration, Sail Venting or Air Stripping
    • Insitu and Ex-situ Soil Washing
  •  Chemical Treatments
    • Dechlorination
    • Oxidation
    • Reduction 
  • Physical Treatments- Aeration and Stripping
  • Ads orption
  • Abs orption
  • Filtration
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Codes oers and flotation etc Chemical Treatment
  • Electro Chemical
  • Oxidation
  • Enhanced Oxidation
  • pH Adjustment
  • Thermal Treatment
  • Thermal Description
  • Incineration Biological Treatments
  • In-situ Bioremediation
  • Slurry Phase Bioremediation
  • Remediation by Natural Attenuation Immobilization Treatment
  • Contaminant
  • Encapsulation’
  • Vitrification


Our procurement department understands the value of prompt delivery of correct specification hence utilizes her contact overseas for monitoring from raw material quality to process system to packaging and for expediting shipment. Comprehensive documentation of all test results and manual are also undertaken. Installation, instrumentation and maintenance of industrial machinery, spare parts, materials and chemicals. Over the years, we have established contacts with manufacturers of genuine machinery, spare parts and chemical and therefore can help you shop for them at the most reasonable prices.

We undertake the following: