Lamco Beks Coastal
Services Nigeria Limited

Our Values


We consider our customers as partners and friends; their total satisfaction therefore remains a critical goal of our business strategy. We have in our employ, the best qualified professionals who are committed to ensuring that our customer's expectations are met and surpassed at all times


  • That Electrical, Maintenance Engineering, Construction, Procurement, Oil and Gas Business are noble Profession and that its activities are vital to economic development and national progress, that fair competition is essential to the growth and stability of the industry.
  • That a contractor's primary responsibility to his client is to give his best in faithful compliance with the agreement, that labour and capital should co-operate with one another so that labour may live with dignity and capital may find its just rewards;


LAMCO BEKS COASTAL SERVICES NIG. LTD believe that consistent quality Service delivery, integrity and high sense of social responsibility are crucial for sustainable business growth, profitability and client loyalty.

  • To our client therefore, our disposition is a performance competence and integrity which secured their loyalty, and makes them call us over again, and again.
  • To our partners and investors, our disposition is efficiency, accountability and profitability. This keeps them satisfied.


  • Performance, quality and client satisfaction, competence, commitment and high productivity, especially among our management and personnel.
  • Total personnel care
  • Accountability and cost effectiveness
  • Team-work and co-operation

Excellent time management, safety consciousness and environment friendly operations.